L.R. Institute of Technology & Management


Inspiring Soul

L.R. Institute has been dedicated to the everlasting memory of Late Sh. Lachhi Ram Baisla an eminent social reformer of V.P.O. Baroli, Distt. – Palwal was born in 1943. He was a man of high principles and always strived to work for social causes. A God fearing man, for him work was not for self gain but a service to human kind.

A beautiful saying is “One generation opens the road on which the next generation travels”. Persons change ways but things move forward on the foundation laid by the one before. This Institute is a perpetuation if his quest and tribute to him from his sons and heirs with sole aim of realizing his dream of doing his bit towards society and nation through education to the youth of today who would grow up as responsible citizens of the country and capable of bringing about transformation in Technical, Economics and Social sector.

Inspiring Soul

(Late Shree. Lachhi Ram Baisla) [1943-2005]